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Fair – Folk crafts and markets

The opening of the Fair awaits us on Friday. On Saturday, you can look forward to making your own ceramics and T-shirts. On Saturday, look forward to the evening program after 21.00, prepared by the Phoenix and the Midgar Ravens – a light show that you should not miss!

What products can you look forward to at the Fair?

  • Paper cups
  • Wooden decorations and toys
  • Crochet and hollow jewelry
  • Bijouterie
  • Vegetables, homemade mead and cider
  • Handmade candles
  • Wooden weapons
  • Forest Horns
  • Ceramics
  • Original clothes
  • Mandala paintings, mugs, bookmarks
  • Leather products

Date of the event

Start: 9. September 2022 15:00
End: 11. September 2022 18:00


Zvírotice 45, 26401 Dublovice - Zvírotice, Česko