The neighborhood is truly charming,
see for yourself!

We have prepared for you a few tips for various trips around the area, to save you the search and maybe even entice you a little.
The region is truly magical. See for yourself!

Here are the trips ready for your vacation

Maják Zvírotice | Tipy na výlet

Červený Hrádek Chateau

Červený Hrádek is a district of the town of Sedlčany about two kilometers east of the center. In the past, it was an independent municipality. The most important monument in…
Maják Zvírotice | Tipy na výlet

Orlík Chateau

Orlík Chateau is a real pearl among Czech monuments. Every visitor will be captivated by its unique landscape location on the shores of Eagle Lake, enchanted by romantic interiors with…
Maják Zvírotice | Tipy na výlet

Zvírotice viewpoint

In our vicinity you can find several lookout points. Due to the fact that we are by the river, the views are very beautiful and we recommend visiting them. With…
Maják Zvírotice | Tipy na výlet

Příčovy windmill

Příčovy windmill is located about 8 km from our pension. It is the largest and oldest windmill in all of Europe. The location is freely accessible.
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