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Chateau Červený Hrádek

Červený Hrádek is a district of Sedlčany about two kilometres east of the centre. In the past it was an independent municipality. The most important monument in the village is Červený Hrádek chateau, which has been protected as a cultural monument since 1965. The first mention of the village and the Hrádek fortress dates back to 1285. Originally an after-service court founded at the same time as the fortress, it eventually grew into a settlement called Podhradec, whose name was changed to Červený Hrádek after 1788. In 1400 the village was held by Heřman of Říčany and Hrádek and his descendants, and in 1508 by Bohuslav Břekovec of Ostromeč. After World War II the village was annexed to the neighbouring Sedlčany. Members of the Mladot family from Solopisk were the owners of the castle until 1948, when the state expropriated it. The premises were then used by the museum and archives. After 1989, it was returned to the Mladotas in restitution and Jan Mladota of Solopisk became its owner.


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    Trip length
    14 km
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    Time consuming
    1,5 h
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    Physical difficulty
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    215 m